Enjoy Reclaimed Barnwood Décor from Nebraska

I am first and foremost a Child of God.  Everything that I do, I try to do to glorify God and His Kingdom. 

As the name implies I have 2 different commodities!  One is my Toy Aussies.  Buzz and Sadie are my 2 dogs at this point.  I am hoping to add another dog soon!  Toys are such awesome dogs.  They are small in stature, but mighty in spirit!

The other thing that I do is Crosses. I do decorative, western, memorial, pet cemetary, classic, jeweled, jewelry, hats, etc.  Everything has a cross on it and every cross has a story. I love to do custom work. If there is a style you like, but you don't like the color or you want to switch out something or even add something like a family picture or poem, I'd love to design somethng for you!

         My Husband Darrel and I are ranchers here in Central Nebraska. We have a cow herd, and background and feed feed feedeers.  We also farm.  Thank you for looking at my website!  Enjoy and hope you find something you like!

The barn wood that some of the crosses are made out of comes from a barn that is on an old homestead that we bought.  It was built in 1019,

Rustic Barn Wood


Picture at the right is my female Sadie!  She is a registered ASDR Toy Aussie, panal clear out of champion bloodlines.  Sadie is 11" tall and weighs 11 lbs.

I will be selling her puppies.  Keep checking for when the next litter of puppies will be available

We pride ourselves on raising puppies that are happy, adjusted, people friendly dogs.  They are well socialized.



Every cross is uniquely crafted and put together.  Every cross has a story to tell!  I love to do custom work.  Thank you for taking the time to browse through the cross section and see what you like and how you would like to personalize it. 

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This is Sadie my female Toy Aussie

This is Buzz my male Toy Aussie


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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