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Rustic Interior Decor From Reclaimed Barn Wood In Mason City, NE

Give your home that authentic, rustic feel with one of a kind reclaimed barn wood art in Nebraska. Our art décor is made reclaimed wood recycled from barns in Mason City, NE. From wood reclaimed from barns built at the turn of the century to wall art that depicts popular western themes, we offer many ways for you to spruce up your home's interior and more. Contact us to learn more about our old barn wood for sale and interior decor pieces.

About Us

The barn wood is sourced from old barns that sat unoccupied on our family-owned ranch in rural NE, for 10 years. We tore them down and salvaged the old barn wood to sell to customers and to create our Southwestern wall art. Since 2016, we have sold a lot of wood, as well as created many beautiful art pieces that people love. We continue to focus on honesty and integrity and always maintain a down-to-earth attitude with everything we do.

Darrel and I own a home-based family farm and ranch here in central Nebraska. Faith 1st, family 2nd, farm 3rd, describes our operation. We have a cow/calf operation along with a background feedlot and row crops. Our family also breeds and raises toy Australian shepherds from a champion bloodline. We own an old homestead that had some old barns on it built in the early 1900s. Barnyard Fun started when I started to take the wood straight off the barn and sell it. Then I started to use various wood from the barn and scrap wood to make my wood wall art and other items. Everything has my own unique style and design. Darrel and I believe in integrity and honesty and moral values in all that we do.

Southwestern Wall Art Mason City, NE

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