Barn Wood For Sale Mason City, NE

Barn Wood For Sale In Mason City, NE

Stock up on barn wood for your next construction, decorating, or arts and crafts project with our barn wood for sale in Mason City, NE. Reclaimed from old barns built in the early 1900s, the wood is sturdy and durable, making it ideal to use as siding. It also has a rustic look to it, so it's perfect to incorporate in your home's decor. You can use to make custom frames, decorative signs, and more. Whatever you have in mind, you can bring to life with our reclaimed barn wood.

Old Barn Wood Mason City, NE

Buy Reclaimed Wood

Purchase barn wood from us for your upcoming project. We sell it at $5 per foot in lengths of 12", 18", and 24".

1910 Barn Wood

 Barn Wood available off an 1910 barn. Perfect size for doing crafts, can go any size you wish.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Mason City, NE



We have much to be thankful for, display your thankfulness by displaying this.


This beautiful cross with the verse

We Live by Faith not by Sight

And the Praying Cowboy

This cross will grace any home

Price $30

Gorgeous zebra striped cross

This zebra striped cross has a gorgeous turqouis cross with a red flowe  with bing trim.  Be sure to grace any home.