Rustic Art from Recycled Barn Wood

Folk art is a product of the connection of rustic materials and whimsical skills. At Barnyard Fun, we know all about this creative process and exemplify it through objects made from our recycled barn wood. 

This type of wood has one thing that newly sawn logs and boards are lacking — character. Its weathered appearance and finish make it an ideal raw material for application in all sorts of projects apart from folk art. It’s excellent for use in new construction as well as being used as an accent in an existing building, for example.

Not only is recycling this type of wood a great way to source rich and expressive raw materials for artwork and custom construction, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Rather than just tearing down an old barn and hauling the debris to a landfill site, repurposing is a green initiative that diverts it from the waste stream.

Horse barn art, that is artwork brought to life with wood salvaged from an old horse barn, looks good in any setting. It’s charming enough to hang in any home while also being practical enough to add to an office, for example.