Toy Australian Shepherd Breeder

Toy Australian Shepherd Breeder

Looking for Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies? We're a proud breeder of of this smart wonderful breed of dog. My girl Sadie! Sadie is a tri-mural blue-eyed female. She is 11" tall. And she is full panal clear. She is the most loving dog and affectionate! She comes from champion bloodlines. Her mother was a level 1 Champion! If you're drawn to this breed then get your puppies from Champions.

Meet Buzz!  He is my male.  He is a tri-black with gorgeous copper markings.  He is brown eyed, but 75% of his puppies have been blue-eyed.  He has a great personality with people and that trait has been carried through to his puppies.  He is very loyal.

Take Home a Toy Australian Dog for Your Family to Love

Barnyard Fun is prepared to provide you with the perfect addition to your home: a cute and cuddly puppy from the best breed on Earth. Our toy Australian shepherd dogs are great with people and excellent with kids, making them a family-friendly playmate that’s the perfect size to sit in your lap. Their mild manner lets you enjoy a quiet house when you want it, but you can also run around the yard with them for exercise. Each Aussie shepherd toy puppy we breed at Barnyard Fun is loyal and loving. Come visit our farm, they’d love to meet you.

As you can see from the photos, our toy Australian shepherd dogs are among the best anywhere. They have beautiful fur in a variety of colors, and we have males and females available. Just contact us to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll walk you through the process. We love nothing more than matching our adorable fur babies with good homes and loving pet parents. Every puppy receives nothing but the best care from us to keep them healthy, happy, and ready for their new life with you.