Cute and Cuddly Aussie Puppies for Your Family

You’re reading this because you want to add a four-legged member to your family. There are various family-friendly dog breeds that have a mild-mannered quality that will give you peace of mind. But we think our litter stands apart from all the rest. Your children already love you, but they will adore you if you bring home one of our Aussie puppies.

Barnyard Fun is a breeder offering the cutest Toy Australian Shepherd puppies you will ever see. Whether you like brown, black, or tri-colored dogs, you will have a hard time choosing the one to take home. In addition to their beauty, these puppies are loyal and lovable. They like to climb into your lap for a rub and cuddle up with you to let your love flow to them and vice versa.

The Standard and Miniature version of this dog was originally bred to herd sheep, but the most work your Toy pet will probably do is run from you to your kids. These dogs love to play, so prepare everyone in your family to enjoy running around in the yard with yours. Contact this Toy Australian Shepherd breeder for information about our current litter.

Meet Ginger!  Born September 7th.  She is a tri-mural with a beautiful face.  She has one blue eye and one eye that cannot make up her mind if its going to be blue or brown.

Meet Panda!  He looks like a small panda bear!  He is a tri-black with one blue eyed and one eye that has not decided if its blue or brown.