Carving Wood

Eye-Catching Western Theme Art From Mason City, NE

Using wood reclaimed from old barns from our property, we create one-of-a-kind western theme art in Mason City, NE. The pieces depict cowboys, eagles, mountains, and other popular western themes. Each piece is designed by me with my own unique style.

Eagle Art Mason City, NE

"Soar Like an Eagle"

Poor is the man who has not seen an eagle soar. It's a beautiful sight and is depicted in this piece, which shows the silhouette of an eagle flying over snowcapped mountains.

Dimensions are 14" x 19" $50

"Daddy Don't Walk So Fast"

This cowboy art will surely bring a smile on anyone's face. It will remind your guests of themselves with their dad, or even themselves with their son.

Dimensions 24" x 12" $75

Daddy Don't Walk so Fast

Western Theme Art Mason City, NE

"Elegant Cross"

The cross with the Jeweled Cross and the blue sunbeams is an elegant reminder of how much God loved us when He sent His son to the cross.

Dimensions are 12" x 17" $50

Barn Quilt #1

This barn quilt art would look great on your house or barn!

Quilt Art Mason City, NE

Barn Quilt #2

Barn Quilt #2

This barn quilt is one-of-a-kind and unique in its design.

"Rustic Angel"

This rustic angel is just perfect to sit on a mantle or shelf; her wings are made of real leather.

15" tall — $20

Rustic Angel Mason City, NE

angel made out of barn wood and leather wings.  Beautiful angel would grace any home with elegance
Price:  $25


This georgeous angel is made out of barn wood and warpped with paper.  Wings are made out of leather from boot tops

Height 12"

Price $25


This gorgeous angel will sing her way into your heart!  She is made of barn wood and her wings are made from the leather of boot tops.

Height 12"

Price  $25


This turqouis candle holder has a candle that matches the pole just right. 

Price $25